Currypowder in Himalaya

The Parvati river flows from the Himalayas in the modern-day state of Himachal Pradesh. Just to the north of the Parvati is the peaceful town of Manali. Since 1990, Manali has been the basecamp for one of the most spectacular and exciting heli-skiing operations in the world.

The “Valley of the Gods”, where Manali lies, is a mystical land of temples and goddesses; a place where snow leopards prey on the flocks of goats and the gods determine the proper conduct of life. The valley is a place removed from the frenzy of our Western world. Incense, temples, Tibetan monks, exotic curries: these are the après-skiing experiences of the Himalaya.

We are always amazed at the amount of snow that falls here, and the magnificent mountains that hovers in the sky. And with the ingredients we put together, the Manali area could very well be the best heli-skiing terrain on earth.It is, after all, the mighty Himalaya. 
Together with Himachal Heli Adventures we arrange heliskitrips to India.

Always choose a guide with children - they are the safest. Stefan is the best guide I have ever come across.

- Ray Bellm, heliskiier and car racer, UK