This is Heliskiguides Sweden

HeliskiGuides Sweden was founded by Stefan and Pia Palm in 1994 (the name at the time was Skidåkning & Berg.) Stefan is UIAGM/IFMGA certified mountainguide. He has a long experience in heliskiing and skitouring from different parts of the world. He has been guiding groups in Iran, Greenland, India, Chile, Japan, Iceland, Uzbekistan, New Zealand and Turkey - only to name a few.

Pia is internationally certified ski instructor and runs her own business since many years. She is also a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor RYT 250hrs. When Stefan is about skiing  all over the world Pia runs the office, so it might just be her answering your emails. If she is around when skiing with HSGS, do not hesitate to add a little bit of coaching in your spare time!

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on skiing all over the world! All our contact info HERE!

Customer awareness

We have a Travel Guarantee with Swedish governmental Kammarkollegiet which covers all expenses for our customers and provide travel cover in several circumstances.
We are also compensating for our carbon emissions by buying CO2 certificates in order to stay climate neutral. 
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Read more: Naturvårdsverket

The rest of the guides

All our guides in Lapland are UIAGM/IFMGA certified mountainguides and have a vast experience of heli-skiing worldwide. Our guides have a passion for skiing and travels around the heliskiing world with our clients. But they always come back for the spring season in Lapland, Sweden.

Anjan Truffer: Anjan is from Zermatt and also works as a leadguide at the Valemont lodge in Canada. One of CMH's private lodges. Anjan has come to guide in Sweden the last 3 years and  works also in Chile, Turkey and India. He has guided skiing and climbing all over the world. Speaks: English, German, French and Spanish.

Dick Johansson: Dick runs Abisko Mountain Lodge in Abisko and has lived for the last 25 years in the area around Kiruna. He is a former police officer and now he works as a full-time mountainguide. Dick has worked with us almost since the start. Speaks Swedish, English.

Jimmy Oden: Jimmy is the author behind Free Skiing a book that explains skiing in the big mountains. He lived for many years in Verbier but is now based in Åre Sweden. He has skied all over the world and loves to share his passion with others. Speaks: Swedish, English, French.

Johan ”Jossi” Lindblom: Jossi is from the north of Sweden but has his base in Chamonx in France. He is passionated about skiing and music and has worked with heliskiing in Russia and  Nepal. He has worked a lot with film crews around the world. He loves the steeps and the big turns. Speaks: Swedish, English. 

Hiro Ishisaka: Hiro was born in Nagano, Japan and is now a UIAGM/IFMGA mountainguide based out of Sapporo. Hiro and I have worked together for the last 13 years world wide climbing and skiing Hiro was the first Japanese guide to come and ski Lapland/Sweden. Hiro is the guide that will take care of our Japanese clients. Speaks English and Japanese.

Xavier Cret: Xavier is from La Grave in France and was the first foreign guide to come and work with me in Sweden in 2004. He is now the mayor of Villar d'Arene in the Hautes Alpes but still finds time to come and guide in the winter. He is passionated about skiing and snow textures. Speaks French, English.

Jonathan Hulten: Jonathan is a Swede with a racing background and has guided heliskiing around the world. He comes to Sweden every spring but also guides in Canada and Chile. His base used to be in La Grave and  now he lives on the west coast of Sweden, so he can have good rock climbing outside his door. Speaks Swedish, English and French.