Flying high in the Andes

The Andes reaching 7.000 km through seven countries, from Venezuela to Chile. We have found our heaven in the heart of the Central Andes of Chile - were we have our basecamp at Lodge Andino in The Maipo valley. From here we go skiing deep in the enchanting and rugged Andes mountains. 

We offer an entirely new dimension of remote heli-skiing with world class standards and vast terrain for skiers and snowboarders from around the world.
Our location in the Southern Hemisphere enables us to offer alternate season heli-skiing during the Northern Hemisphere summer, complementing the opposite Northern Hemisphere helicopter ski season. 
Besides the thousands of vertical feet of untouched champagne powder in the most alluring and pristine terrain - this part of the Andes is culturally unique and reflect the generous hospitality of the traditional Chilean mountain lodge. We ski here from June through October, the Southern Hemisphere's winter season.
Together with Powder South Heliskiguides we arrange heliski trips to Chile.