Skiing among polar bears

Kalaallit Nunaat is the world's largest island that is not a continent. We talk, of course, of Greenland, an island filled to the brim with wonder and excitement.
We do heliski and ski toring in the archipelago of islands, glaciers and fiords on the Southern West Greenland cost.

Here you can board a speed boat with ski boots on, speed across the fiord and become immersed in wild nature. The deep fiords landscape surrounded by beautiful mountains offering magnificent snow terrain: large bowls, wide glaciers, canyons, couloirs... all with continuous sea view and the opportunity of skiing down to the beach! 
We ski on the spectacular big mountains, ranging from breathtaking glacier to legendary steep and deep runs. Mountains in this area rise up to 2000 meters. The vertical drops are from 600 to 1500 meters (4500 feet).
The adventures offered is days of heliskiing, boat tours, visit of the Eternity Fjord, ski touring, crossing of the glacier on skidoo, fishing, barbecues in the refuge, a comfortable room in a hotel by the sea, storms, silence, sun, long days, short nights - and a lot more from a unknown world. The regional center, Maniitsoq, has almost daily connections to and from Copenhagen.
Together with Heliski Greenland we arrange heliskigtrips to Greenland!

I've been a skiing client to Stefan for almost 20 years now, from the early days in La Grave and on to more exotic trips to places like the Atlas mountains and Hokkaido, and it's always been a pleasure. Stefan is a very experienced, well organized and serious guide, and a fun person to be with.

- Göran Båge, all mountain everything skier, Sweden

Together with Stefans social skills, it makes what I may call "plain, good guiding" - a simple sounding, but genuine and what guiding is about.

- Manuel Genswein, Switzerland, Avalanche Consultant and Rescue Instructor