Joining Ice Axe expeditions we explore the most remote and historic mountains on earth.

Ski Touring Adventure in Antartica

Skiing, history of polar exploration and wildlife in a perfect mix

Another highlight on our list, you are away for two weeks and will live with unbelivable memories ever after. Fly as far south as you can in Patagonia, we together with quite a few other guides and groups from all over the world, border the Quark ship and take off. Sailing over the roaring 40/50s and then waking up to the ice-caped landscape. The Antarctic Peninsula Adventure. You’ll head ashore via a zodiac and getting up onto the slopes may be part of the adventure. Since we are on ice, we sometimes need to skin up roped in, and sometimes not.

We will come to different peaks and then a long ski to the ocean. Another pick up by zodiac. Back on the ship we have maximum comfort and social life at top.

Doug Stoup and the staff on the Quark ship are the perfect hosts and have som 20+ years of experiences this far south. You can relax, listen to experts, go on zodiac expeditions, see the wildlife and so much more. The evenings are quite fun too. Let us know early in advance, and the trip is end of oct/early november. Spots get full really fast, so let us know.

With your guide, you’ll explore many amazing mountains and glaciers of this intriguing continent. The pitch of the slopes varies significantly as does the degree of glaciation and the vertical covered with each ascent. On most skinning climbs, you’ll be roped up with your group.

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