Lapland - the home of Aurora Borealis, reindeers and vast wilderness: this is our homebase in the heliskiing world.

Why HELI SKI in Abisko?

We have chosen Abisko as our base. Close to the airport, the famous weather-window in Abisko, and a small cozy lodge where we feel at home.  The biggest plus? We are the only operator here. 

Abisko Lapland, in northern Sweden, is often said to be the last, great wilderness in Europe. It is huge, more than 5,000 square meters. We live in this fantastic mountain area and are almost always completely alone. All of our skiing takes place over the tree line, with peaks up to 2100m. Then you should not forget that we start almost at sea-level. We are about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

We are always thankful we can operate and ski here, all we leave are our tracks, that are often blown away the next day.  We are ambassdeurs for this area, to be able to show it to skiing visitors  coming to Sweden, by foot it would be impossible unless you do month longs expeditions.

Are you tempted?


Small groups

Private and custom-made trips for each group

We work only with experienced iFMGA guides that has lived or worked up here a long time

We are lodged at a smaller, cozy lodge Abisko Mountain Lodge where we are the only heli ski operation

The helicopter platform is only 100 meters from the lodge

ABISKO LODGE – A Home From Home

A Comfortable and relaxed surrounding with an amazing kitchen creating swedish classics

Abisko Mountain Lodge

This is where we call home, in the middle of the large mountain environment we fly in. Mina and Dick Johansson run this lodge, Mina the brilliant hostess who is aware of every detail and Dick is also IFMGA guide and works a lot with us. Abisko is a small village with 50 inhabitants. The lodge is open all year round, but in April & May we fill the lodge with skiers. There's a special atmosphere in these two months. The lodge has 20 rooms, a bar and a comfortable lounge with wood-burning stove for socializing in the large armchairs.

Adjacent there is a sauna, a massage room and chairs to sit and cool down after sauna, of course we look at Lapporten!

The Restaurant

Abisko Mountain Lodge has one of the best restaurants here in northern Sweden, it is a for sure a culinary trip. The chefs are from all corners of the world, using the local products from the area. Such as reindeer meat, fish from the rivers and berries picked by hand. A large breakfast-buffé with a selection for all our international guests, a warm picnic lunch with homemade hot-food, homemade bread and all extras. For dinner, there is a 3 course dinner, stunning looking and at the same time filling. They know what skiers need! There is an interesting selection of beers and wines, and of course all the non-alcoholic choises. Don't forget your camera, you will want to remember.

IFMGA guides

There is the only guide certificate in the world for mountain guides IFMGA. Always look for the badge when you hire a guide. 

All our guides are UIAGM/IFMGA certified mountainguides, doesn't matter if they are HSGS guides or visting guides. We have both guides that stay with us for the whole season and we have a visiting guides. It gives us an international atmosphere and a change of experience. Part of working in a heli-operation are the meetings, talks and fun times together. 

All guides have a vast experience of heli skiing, a passion for skiing and know the area where we fly, like their own back-pockets. We have foru or max finve clients per guide. They are all well trained to manage the risk and rescue in the backcountry, and to ensure the highest levels of safety. All our guides work year round as a guide and one fire-fighter. 

We strictly follow a POW managent program and document the weather, evaluate snowpack stability and movements plus we document every run we do. 



Pilots and helicopters

The biggest asset to a successful operation is team-work. Our guides and pilots are the most important team. Emil and his pilots have been with us for a long time and are all used to fly heli-skiers. It is a very demanding part of flying for the pilot, landing on snow and peaks. We use B3 and B4, from a company in Arjeplog, sweden. Heli AB. 

Private package

 A completly customized package - The private package is the absolutely the best deal for a group of 4 or 5 people who like to decide together with the guide when and where to ski. Ski long days or shorter days, get out early or later, all depending on conditions and your form. It's just your group, your guide  and the pilot/helicopter. 2-7 day packages or more. A total flexibility.  We are happy to design this together with you!

Semi private package

In a semi private package, your group shares a helicopter with another group. Either you are a group of 8-10 people who want to hang out all day long, and each group has their own IFMGA guide. Or we put together two indiviual groups that we do our best to match speed and strength.You will not really notice the other group, until you have lunch and some relaxing time together. This is more an economical package.

Heli ski touring

Imagine not having to carry everything you need for a few days in the wilderness, instead we use the helicopter to get far out. With your IFMGA guide and a good plan, there are several different choices. Whether you want to fly out to a cabin and arrange a base camp and do day trips, then we can bring a chef who arranges incredibly good and luxurious food, ready in the cabin when you arrive. Or you fly out on your own trip from cabin to cabin to discover larger parts of the mountains.

Our guides have a thousand ideas, so get in touch with us.

heli ski explore trip

This is a unique experience that ONLYwe do! Together with our IFMGA guide and a very special pilot, you get some extremely exclusive days. Just us and our helicopter on a travel-adventure.You pack a small overnight bag, and we bring the rest. We fly away, ski all day and sleep in one or more new places. We probably won't see no other people around and we will ski new runs all the time. We bring great food with us, and have a warm picnic during the day in nice spots. We either bring a chef or have the chef where we stay. Trust us and we'll take you on an adventure! I would definatly recommend this, a once in a lifetime exploring trip!

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