We love going over to our friends on Iceland. Jökull and his team makes up a professional heli ski operation with tons of knowledge, yes, Jökull is born on Iceland. So the roots are deep and strong. They are the ones we team up when we go there. We can call it custom heliskiing and we will explore as we ski. There are everything from big open glaciers to hidden coloirs, something for everyone. The skiing together with a dip in the ocean or a hot spring. We can choose from three different locations to stay in, to make sure you get the comfort you like. Again, we do only tailored trips to make sure you get the experience you like.

The extraordinary heliskiing in Iceland is one of our best kept secrets. The mountains here are spectacular and the skiing top notch. 
Here, you will participate in a true adventure of exploration and discovery.  First descents, naming runs and visiting peaks that have never seen a human being before is what you will experience along with a cultural experience of a lifetime. 

We are based  on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. The area we ski in is 4.000 square kilometers huge, with up to 1.500 vertical meters. And the lodge is situated right in the middle of the best ski terrain and we fly right out of there with the closest runs only three minutes away. We go to Iceland as often as we can, we love it over there. 

Are you tempted? info@heliskiguidessweden.com

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A heliski operator based in the very north of Sweden

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