In Kamchatka everything is huge, the total area for heli skiing is over 45,000 square kilomters, making it equivalent in size to Switzerland.

Kamchatka - Enormous heli ski runs 

We will ski from the very top of a volcano straight to the sea-coast and finally make a magic ride down into an active crater. At the end of a run, we can have a dip in the ocean. If you don’t like the cold water, there are the natural hot springs at the hotel. A great way to start and end the day is  soaking and contemplating in the hot springs, it’s magic.

But Kamchatka is not just about heli skiing. It offers an adventure in one of the most amazing places on earth. And one ot the most unknown. Glaciers perched on top of active volcanoes, beautiful bays and fjords nestled along the Pacific Ocean coast-line. Wooded valleys with grizzly bears, streams full of king salmon and areas of geysers and hot springs.We discovered Kamchatka many years ago, and to this day, it is still the place of our dreams.

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